7x7x7 Calendar tribox Stickerset Japanese

7x7x7 Calendar tribox Stickerset Japanese

This is a perpetual calendar stickerset made by tribox.
You can build the calendar every month with solving one face.
This item includes 2 application tapes to transfer the stickers.
[ Chart ]
TransferableShengShou 7x7x7
Not transferable-
Not forShengShou 7x7x7 mini
$ 950

On the puzzle

7x7x7 Calendar tribox Stickerset Japanese
Calendar Stickers on ShengShou 7x7x7
Note; This stickerset doesn't come with the puzzle.

position and layout

7x7x7 Calendar tribox Stickerset Japanese

How to put stickers / 6 and 9

To make the all calendar pattern possible, you need to put the stickers as the above layout.

Step 1 : Put F face stickers on the front side.
Step 2 : Put a star(★) sticker on the above edge and a round (●) sticker on the below edge of front side.
Step 3 : Put L, R and B face stickers on each left, right and back side.
Step 4 : Put U and D face stickers. Make sure the stickers are in the correct position with front side, checking with the direction with the star(★) and the round (●) stickers.

Tips : The date stickers of "6" and "9" are the same piece. If you need "9" letter, you can rotate "6" letter in 180 degrees.

Easier than The Rubik's cube (3x3x3 cube)